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Swing Set Reconditioning
Referral Program

Do you have friends or family who own wooden swing sets?

Swing Set Medic pays for referrals!!

For every customer you refer you will earn $20 upon completion of that job and they will receive a $20 discount as well.

You could have your maintenance paid for in no time at all!!


Call us today at 352-870-7135

Serving areas in Kentucky and Ohio.

We also serve the central Florida area.


Swing Set Medic Tips and Tricks

Is your expensive wooden swing set starting to age and deteriorate? Let the Swing Set Medic bring it back to life.

A cleaned and freshly stained set is like having a new toy all over again. The restoration process begins with a full safety inspection checking all pieces for any damage from insects, landscapers, weather or just typical wear. After making a list of any necessary replacements needed, we then check the hardware to be sure that everything is tight to reduce movement in the set. We also check the placement of the set for leveling issues as well as clearance of obstacles in the yard such as fences, trees, pools etc. Once the safety check is complete we then begin the cleaning process by sanding down the entire set removing dirt, mold and mildew build up, splinter hazards as well as removing old stain that has faded and blotchy. Heavy mold and mildew issues may require some pressure washing with different products. After the wood has been cleaned and sanded we then remove the toys and accessories attached to the set to prepare for staining and sealing. The stain/seal is usually applied by sprayer to ensure even coverage and getting all cracks and crevices. The color or tone of the stain can be discussed at the time of scheduling if there is something specific that the customer wants. Once the entire set has been stained/sealed we begin cleaning the accessories such as the toys, tarps, swings, and any rubber coatings or brackets the set may have. After everything has been cleaned and put back on the set, we inspect the set with the customer to be sure of complete satisfaction.